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Rescuing and helping your business recover in a practical way in the shortest possible time frame

If you’re reading this web site then you will have reached the point that you know things need to change. You either need to restructure or turn your business around, but how? Be Rescued will discuss, guide and support you all the way with suitable avenues to preserve and add value to your business

If any one of these areas below are causing you frustration or trouble, please contact us to see how we can help:

Be Rescued
Be Rescued
  • Ease the pressure with a different, practical and fresh outlook with Interim Business Management and Administration:

    By engaging our services you’ll have an extra pair of hands in the team with the technical and analytical skills, experience and business knowledge to support your business. With a hands on approach, you can expect us to see where the problems lay, tackle the management of business issue and provide a path to a better system.
  • General Business advice and problem solving
    In business things can get difficult and out of control very quickly but you are not alone. For every problem, whether you are experiencing cash flow difficulties, a drop in sales or creditors demands for example, there is solution. You can expect us to look at the causes and help you find the answer with confidence.
  • Preparing your business for alternative financing and funding:

    You might initially think a loan of some description may solve all, however borrowing money doesn’t always resolve a financial problem. Preparation is essential for long term, manageable and healthy financing of your business. You’ll receive a financing plan based on a balance of what is immediately needed in the business, what resources your business has to work with and other potential funding sources where appropriate.
  • Sometimes the simplest commercial arrangement can become difficult to meet. Dealing with commercial debt demands and/or difficult commercial contracts terms If you feel you are not treated fairly or court proceedings have been instigated against your business, Be Rescued, working alongside first class legal professionals, will give you the support to achieve the best outcome for your defence and/or to negotiate terms through alternative dispute resolution to allow you restructure a debt or a particular claim that can make the difference in getting what is right for your business

Be Rescued

  • Small business owners that find themselves with a court summons or locked in commercial and/or company related litigation:

    If you are unable to instruct a solicitor because of lack of resources but fully understand your case and just need help with the court paperwork and/or need help instructing a barrister for court representation then Maria & Be Rescued can help.

    Be Rescued

    Our services cover:
    • Assisting litigants in person to understand your litigation correspondence and documentation, potential costs, preparing and completing court forms and minding of court timetable and deadlines
    • Assisting litigants in person to understand the benefit of exploring and offering Alternative Dispute Resolution, mediation and early settlement of dispute
    • Assisting litigants in person to source a suitable solicitor for litigation funding and/or to help manage the case if the case is complex for you to manage
    • If needed, assisting litigants in person with preparation of briefing in the case to instruct Barrister for legal advice and/or representation and next stage of the procedures, conducting factual and document research for particulars of claims or defences as well as due diligence
    • Assisting both litigants in person and your Barrister with trial preparation including research, Witness Statements, Disclosures and dealing with part-18 requests. If ordered by the court preparation of costs budgets, engagement and liaising with Experts, Court Bundles and indexing, Case chronology, summary of list of issues and pre-trial check lists, assisting with preparation of schedule of costs and coordinating dairy between litigant in person and barrister/barrister’s clerks
    • Assisting both litigants in person and your Barrister at CMC, applications, any other interlocutory hearings and Trial with (if needed) research, notes taking and generally assisting barrister, you and your witness(es) on the day
    • Assisting both litigants in person and your Barrister with after trial and post litigation care and case conclusion including liaising with (if applicable) the preparation of bill of costs and cost recovery process

"I was in a bitter business shareholders dispute"

This came as a great shock when I was literally ambushed by my co-partners and their solicitor on a routine day at work. In disbelief and shock I was referred to Maria Pombo of Be Rescued ltd. Maria, as I have found out, has many contacts and associates who have all helped me in trying to resolve this bitter dispute.

Maria in particular has held my hand all the way through giving her advice and knowledge. Many a time I have been in great panic with threats, hostility, even blackmail from the other side, but Maria has dealt with all of this and the best way forward in tackling a very nasty situation like this.

Maria is extremely experienced in what she can do and certainly what she can achieve for the client. Maria has literally been able to help me liaise with lawyers cost effectively and also any advice I needed. Maria has assisted me dealt with all the paper work including putting witness statements together and dealing with court matters.

I can highly recommend Maria Pombo of Be Rescued Ltd, I just don’t know what I would have done without this wonderful person with such knowledge, understanding and expertise.

Shareholder and Investor

Be Rescued